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Make Your Pc Faster
How to Make your PC faster

How to Make your PC faster

Whenever I tried to run 2-3 programs on my pc simultaneously my pc start working slow and that frustrate me sometimes my pc become hank .there are so many reason for that and luckily The solution of slowdown is possible and I am going to write them one by one .Let me first tell you that I am using windows xp and having ram 376 mb I know that is not enough but somehow I finds some cool ways to make my pc fast  and now you can also.

1 Don't use a heavy Antivirus

Using a antivirus is always good way to be protected by virus and tricky programs. I would suggest you check your ram first if your ram is more than or equal to 512 MB then its ok ;but if your is less than 512 MB then I don't think it is a good idea to install a heavy antivirus rather than that I suggest you use a light antivirus like avg free antivirus or Microsoft essential . Nowadays antivirus programs comes with a real time protection which continuously scan your computer in background and that eat the most of the ram so when you are working hard on your pc off the Real time protection to avoid pc slowdown or hank.

2 Using Task Manager

I think all of you know about the task manager .This program show that how many programs running on your pc in background and how much ram they are eating .the root cause of pc slow down can be detected and turn off by using task manager .To open task manager click CTRL KEY + ALT KEY +DELETE KEY Simultaneously .after opening task manager    click on Processes tab you will see all the programs running on your pc and how much ram they are eating .Be Careful with task manager because it also include system files .      

You can Learn more about the task manager from this article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/323527

if you try to open task manager get a warning like Cannot open the task manager .it clearly means that your pc is infected by virus
3 Streamline The Windows Interface
Windows XP ,Windows Vista, windows 7 has many  effects that make working with files and folders on your screen more pleasing to the eye, such as smooth animated menus and transparent windows

However, these sucks the processor so they can cause slowdown. Right-click the on My Computer icon on the Desktop and click Properties. Click the Advanced tab and under Performance, click Settings and you can choose to switch off non use effects. only try to make basic requirement active (tip)


4 Clean the Temporary files from your pc
whenever you browse internet your web browser start coping file to their temporary folder if you don't delete these files regularly it will cause your system slowdown because they can eat hard disk space. you can delete it manually from your browser but if you have 2-3 browsers I think  CCleaner is a good Freeware tool,. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

Download link >>Ccleaner


5 Turn-off the useless Start up programs
I mean to say that whenever I open my pc some of the waste program start up automatically and that cause system slow down like when you open your pc you can see Real player, Abode update, U torrent, Java virtual machine, Real Player, QuickTime player, AOL IM, Roxio CD Burning and etc open automatically         if you have tons of programs loading up that you don’t use anymore, then they are making slowing your computer down and You should  disabled then so they don’t load automatically.

You can manage your startup programs by opening the System Configuration Utility. Click on Start and then Run, type in msconfig and click OK.   

Click on the Startup tab and you’ll see a list of startup items.


Your Pen drive can work as your pc ram

You will not believe me but that is true if you are using windows xp you can easily use your pen drive as your ram by using a small and easy software called eboostr

Download link > eBoostr_Pro_v3.0.1_Build_498(Torrent file)

OR you can download from here eBoostr.exe. and crack from this page-crack


For windows 7 and vista users

 Windows 7 and vista already comes with the feature called 'ready boost'  It works by using flash memory, a USB flash drive, SD card, CompactFlash, external hard drive or any kind of portable flash mass storage system as a cache. ReadyBoost is also used to facilitate SuperFetch, which allows it to perform analysis of boot-time disk usage patterns and creates a cache which is used in subsequent system boots." Source
if you are a normal user if you are using an old pc with low ram memory(Like 512 MB or IGB) and harddisk & using vista or 7. It speed up your PC and you will see the result, reduced application data loading time, reduced shutdown and restart time and many more you can't imagine without High ram memory. How to use this feature
Plug in your pendrive-> Format with NTFS or FAT32
Now go to properties->Select ReadyBoost
Check Use this device->Choose maximum space to reserve system speed
Click on Apply and OK. Your readyboost PenDrive is ready Now to Use.


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